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What's In a Name



When it came to embarking on this business, the founding partners spent considerable time, selecting and deciding on a name which they believed best represented the needs of clients.


So Sovereign Wealth Partners was born. “Sovereign” means acknowledged leader; exceptional quality; unlimited; and having independent authority.  We feel all of these elements resonate with discerning clients in their search for the ideal professional wealth partner.


The strength, integrity and philosophy of the group as a partner, enhances our capability, rather than create conflicts of interest which often resides with other financial service providers.


We have an autonomous mindset in the provision of financial advice which we believe is essential in meeting the expectations of high net worth clients. We trust this is what you would expect.

“Sovereign” means acknowledged leader; exceptional quality; unlimited; and having independent authority

Our Values


Make Tomorrow Happen Today

Be Extraordinary

Highest Standards

Journey and Destination



Our logo or symbol represents Australia's first gold sovereign coin, minted in Sydney.


The Sydney Mint was Australia's first official branch of the Royal Mint and significantly the first outside the United Kingdom. It struck its first coin, the gold sovereign, on 23 June 1855, as a means to alleviate currency problems, following the discovery of gold in Western New South Wales and Victoria in 1851.


Although the Sydney Mint drew its specifications of currency and denomination from the London based Royal Mint, ironically for a colonial outpost, the gold sovereign of Sydney was in fact more valuable. As a result of the higher silver content, the ‘intrinsic value’ of the Sydney Mint sovereigns turned out to be greater than those produced by the Royal Mint in London.


Befitting this history, our symbol reflects our endeavour to combine the tangible and intangible components of our advice and services, to produce greater value for our clients. That is, intrinsic value. Value which extends well beyond financial returns.

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