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Free Online Financial Projector

Sovereignty is optimised for desktop and tablets, not mobile devices.
With Sovereignty, YOU create your Grand Plan

Sovereignty is a free online calculator designed to help you assess the myriad of lifestyle choices, spending and trade-offs that may be feasible with the wealth you command.

Sovereignty gives you clarity and empowerment. Translate your wealth into a sustainable lifestyle. Embrace your values in a fulfilling and successful life. Strike the right balance between everything and everyone that's important to you.
The calculator uses generic return assumptions for your investment wealth. It doesn't give advice on the specific investments you hold nor predict their performance.  For a specific assessment of your individual investments, it is recommended that you take advice from a licensed financial adviser. Sovereign Wealth Partners may be the ideal adviser for you.
Video Explainers - we recommend you watch them all!

Sovereignty Explained

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Two Fun Case Studies

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Why we built it

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Getting Started

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Looking for Inspiration?

How to Find Purpose in Your Life

Dr Robert Quinn explains the benefits of finding your purpose and living a purpose-driven life. Reflect your own particular purpose in your Sovereignty.

Rethinking Positive Thinking

Gabriele Oettingen, Professor of Psychology at New York University and the University of Hamburg discusses how to increase your chances of achieving your goals.  As you complete your Sovereignty, set the bar as high as you can to achieve all that's important to you.


Assess the impact of life events and estimate your spending to meet your wealth goals.

Steve Thaxter, Stephen Thaxter
Your Sovereignty report

Once you have built your Grand Plan with Sovereignty, we will email you your Sovereignty report.  Your Sovereignty report puts your Grand Plan into the context of your overall wealth management.


To view the sample Sovereignty reports from our video case study, click the icons below.  Remember these are fictitious characters, you may find your ideal lifestyle sits somewhere in the middle.

Fabulous Kylie

Freddie Flintstone

This calculator may be suitable if you:
  • are an Australian resident for tax purposes

  • are aged between 40 and 80

  • have good financial literacy and numeracy
  • have adequate cash flow and liquidity in your investments
  • are unlikely to suffer financial hardship in the future
  • have moderate or no borrowings against your investments.