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“If ever there was a time for a “break glass in case of emergency” budget, this was it. Coronavirus has put a wrecking ball through the economy, and that means there’s never been a more relevant budget for Australians”.  For us, this ABC headline said it all…

Long gone is any suggestion about a return to surplus, in fact deficits are anticipated eac...

We all know how much hassle it is to open a bank account, get a credit card, switch home loans for a better deal and so on.

We know we should be shopping around but it becomes all too hard.  We just stay with the same old bank even when we’re not completely satisfied. It’s because we don’t like the run around, providing the same information again an...

The polls are starting to strongly favour a Democrat victory on 3 November but there’s no doubt that Donald Trump has the potential to deliver a last minute surprise. So should investors play defence now and invest again when we have the result?

Perhaps, but the statistics say no.  It’s uncertainty the markets don’t like and the US share market’s ri...

Many of us may think our circumstances are pretty straight forward – “I’m just leaving it to my partner and kids”. We probably also think the family will be fine and work it out – we don’t necessarily envision the possibility of dispute.

Yet there can be complications which arise through an incorrectly or poorly drafted Will which does not accuratel...

Amongst all the Parliamentary COVID-19 discussions, one would be forgiven to think that they have time for anything else. As of 1 July 2020, there have been a few superannuation legislation changes which may impact the ability to build your superannuation balance.

Here are the 2 key take outs:

Contributing to Super aged over 65 years-

Passing legislat...

The value of obtaining financial advice is not necessarily all about the investment returns. Retirement planning, superannuation and estate planning in Australia is complex and we were reminded of this recently with a client scenario that highlighted the hidden value of advice.

In the true case study below, savings of over $3,000 a  year for the rem...

One of the most annoying things in life is that the best rates get offered to brand new customers and loyal customers end up paying more.  Insurance, phone, utilities and banks – we see it all the time.  Painful as it may be, it pays to shop around.  Right now our sense is that the big pay-off is with the banks.

Seismic changes in interest...

Estate planning is not just about what happens when you die. It’s about making sure your wishes are documented and better decisions are made around accidents, ageing and health issues.

It may feel like a melancholy topic but it is something which, when addressed properly, does the right thing by your family and yourself, providing great peace of min...

A vexed question in the markets right now is that growth stocks are going through the roof while value stocks are going nowhere.  Investors are torn between chasing growth stories with nosebleed valuations or grinding it out with stocks exposed to a sick economy and uncertain outlook. 

This contrast is illustrated in the followin...

Sovereign Wealth Partners officially was registered as a company on this day 5 years ago- 14th July 2015.

We are extremely grateful for the fantastic support shown by many of our existing clients. Also to our new clients for placing their trust in us. Of course, there are many other supporters who have enabled us to prosper – not the least being our...

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