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Respect tradition...

challenge convention

Who We Are

Sovereign Wealth Partners was founded in July 2015 by four professional advisors with a vision to challenge conventional wisdom in financial services and provide a great financial advice experience for their clients.


Together the founders have more than seventy five years’ experience in wealth management, much of it, as colleagues in the development and growth of the Wealth Management practice of Macquarie Private Wealth.

What Sets Us Apart

We see what others miss

Our natural state of curiosity, together with our breadth of experience means more often than not we see gaps and opportunities in your current position, which others with a narrower focus invariably miss.


It deserves to be custom built 

We appreciate that all of us have unique circumstances and needs. So we translate these and design custom-built solutions to focus on those things which matter most to you.


Investment Returns Matter

We believe financial markets often misprice value and it is after-tax returns that count. We combine global research firepower with our insight and proprietary investment signals to craft individual client portfolios to navigate security and opportunity.


The strength of a TEAM

We see value in our clients having a small team who understands their circumstances and needs, rather than the key person risk of just one adviser. For us, the merit of the principle is overwhelming – Together Everyone Achieves More.



Not being owned or affiliated with a Bank or financial institution enables us to be unconstrained in our thinking and actions.


A higher purpose

We have an unwavering commitment to our clients’ ongoing wellbeing. Through their trust in us, quite often a charity, church, community group or sporting association is the beneficiary of time and money.

Why Do What We Do

If we ask our clients the fundamental question of ‘why?” then we must ourselves ask and answer the same question.


Fundamentally, we are driven by the delight of clients when a personal goal or aspiration is met. Made possible through our help and guidance.


In addition, we seek to contribute to the recognition of comprehensive financial advice as a profession in Australia.


Ultimately, if we are successful then our staff will be fulfilled and, in turn, not-for-profit organisations and groups will benefit from our support.

What We Stand For

Our purpose is to empower and assist our clients so they have the confidence to achieve more.

Our approach is built on the power of collaboration and partnerships, which for us essentially means:


  • An enduring partnership with clients to provide them with certainty

  • A firm of professionals working as a team, dedicated to great advice for clients

  • The support of strong and highly principled business partners who have a purpose than simply of profit


Hence the name Sovereign Wealth Partners. Partners in the journey of our clients, partners in our approach to business and partners intent on having a social impact.

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