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Sovereign Wealth Partners is part of the new wave of small, autonomous and fast growing companies drawing on world class resources and their wealth of experience, to provide elegant and agile financial advice for private clients and not-for-profit organisations.

Our Clients

We Help

  • Executives – current & retired

  • Small business owners

  • Professionals

  • Charitable Funds

  • Individuals in a relationship breakdown

Our clients often have:

  • A degree of complexity in their financial or personal affairs

  • Busy lives with a preference to spend their free time on personal pursuits, or with family, rather than be burdened with the ongoing management of their finances

  • A desire to achieve more with their lives

  • A financially successful position or on the path to financial security

  • An appreciation that a team acting on their behalf and truly in their best interests is valuable

  • A recognition that there may be a smarter way to manage money or access investment opportunities


A wealth advisory firm dedicated to helping clients achieve their aspirations

How We Work

We make the complex simple
We relish making the complex simple and endeavour to distil our advice to ‘one page’. While your affairs may at times not seem overly complicated, it is often a change in your circumstances, legislation, government  policy which creates complexity. Navigating change and enabling you to be focussed on your goals with simple, but elegant solutions will always be a challenge, but a challenge we thrive on.

We keep you on track

If you always knew what to do and did it- life would be easy. As this doesn't tend to happen, we create action plans and use our project management skills to ensure each of your professional advisers - accountants, lawyers, bankers are working in concert to help you meet your aspirations.

We are tax conscious

Income tax and capital gains tax play a crucial role in all financial affairs. Whether it be improving your cashflow, boosting portfolio returns, or impacting business or investment decisions, tax is key. It’s why we always consider tax in our advice.

We search for opportunities

As all of our clients have accumulated some wealth, investment management and returns are close to their heart, particularly as the means to fulfil some aspirations. Being opportunistic with market timing and sourcing appealing and robust investments is part of our DNA, which we believe will make a difference in the pursuit of your goals.

We are conscious of value

Fees at all levels matter, so does certainty. For this reason, most of our fees are fixed each year rather than based on an asset-linked fee structure. We are always looking to save our clients costs where possible, and we believe it's far more important to receive value for money.

How To Find Us

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